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There is a growing body of evidence which suggests a positive association between green space and physical and mental health.

A home lawn, or public park, may provide an oasis of calm for people of all ages. Research shows that spending time in greenspaces, like those with lawn, has health and wellbeing benefits such as reducing stress and anxiety. Some studies have even suggested people who visit and interact with greenspaces have a greater quality of life, with lawn and gardens seen as a sanctuary for mental wellbeing.

Key Benefits
  •  Stress Reduction
  •  Improve Quality of Life
  •  Place for Relaxation
  •  Wellbeing

Practical Benefits

Get active

Lawn provides the opportunity for cardiovascular exercise – even by simply mowing the lawn!

Spend time outdoors

Lawn provides a great space for families to play and entertain – and get kids away from their screens.

Breathe it in

Lawn reduces CO2 emissions, and generates oxygen.

Seasonal Information

Lawn is available all year round.

Did you know?

A 2021 study found that a third of Australians who had children under 18 at home saw the backyard as the most important space for mental health.


Lawn Varieties



Couch (pronounced “cooch”) is a fine leaf, bright to dark green lawn variety that is drought resistant and a great family surface. A fast grower, couch is ideal for large areas with heavy foot traffic.



Zoysia is a fine to medium leaf lawn variety that prefers a warmer climate. It is sun tolerant, with low water demand, making it a great grass choice in drought conditions. Zoysia also has a good tolerance of shady conditions.



Kikuyu is a warm season grass that is known for its rapid growth rate, durability, and drought resistance. This ability to grow quickly and self-repair after wear and tear, combined with its soft leaf, makes it a suitable choice for busy backyards.



Buffalo is a warm season grass with a soft, wide leaf. Buffalo is a resilient variety, being drought and salt tolerant, but also having the ability to retain its colour well over the winter period.

How to Nurture

To reap the wellbeing benefits of lawns, they need to be maintained all year round. This includes:

  • Watering
  • Weeding
  • Mowing
  • Fertilising
  • Aerating the soil
  • De-thatching

For further information, read more on Lawnspiration.


Humans have a deep-rooted connection to nature. But we’re spending less and less time in it.

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