See how mood can be changed by food

Pick a mood, and see how it’s boosted with nutrients in different foods.


Mood Booster

Say goodbye to sluggish slumps with food to boost your mood.

What is a Mood Booster?

A good mood makes a good day, and the food we eat makes a big difference to our mood. A Mood Booster provides your body with nutrients that support your psychological wellbeing and mental performance.

How is mood changed by food?

When it comes to lifting your spirits, look no further than what you reach to eat. Many fruit, vegetables, and nuts provide B group vitamins and vitamin C involved in everyday cellular processes that are required for mental wellbeing.


Gut Lover

Give your gut some good food for thought.

What is a Gut Lover?

A ‘gut feeling’ isn’t just a saying; your gut truly is linked to your brain and emotions. A Gut Lover provides fibre to help your gut thrive and as a result, positively impacts your mood.

How is mood changed by food?

A healthy gut contains a variety of tiny organisms (including the well-known good gut bacteria), called the gut microbiota. These gut microbes can create neurotransmitters (brain messenger chemicals) and communicate with the brain – a link known as the gut-brain axis. A healthy diet directly influences the gut microbiota, and as a result, affects the messages sent to the brain.

Treat your gut to fibre from fruit, vegetables and nuts, and your mind will benefit too.


Brain Optimiser

Feed your brain the best food to function.

What is a Brain Optimiser?

Your brain is always busy, even when you’re sleeping. A Brain Optimiser provides your hardworking brain with important vitamins and minerals known to support brain function.

How is mood changed by food?

The brain is the command centre of the body; responsible for everything you’re aware of and every bodily function you’re not. Keeping your brain at its best is important for the whole body, but it’s also important for how you feel. Fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts are packed full of the goodness that can help keep you alert and focussed, for you to perform at your best.


Nerve Communicator

Nourish your nerves to help boost your mood.

What is a Nerve Communicator?

There are approximately 86 billion nerve cells in your brain, sending and receiving messages to get you moving, thinking, and feeling. A Nerve Communicator provides your brain and body with potassium, a mineral vital to keeping your nerves nourished.

How is mood changed by food?

A good mood is supported by a healthy nervous system, which is made up of your brain, spinal cord and nerves. To keep your nerves firing their electrochemical messages as planned, the body needs potassium, a key nutrient provided by many fruit, vegetables, and nuts.

Food to nourish your nerves

Nutrients that makes a difference

Potassium is inside all our nerve cells. By moving out and back into the nerve cells, potassium plays a vital role in action potentials, or the electrical impulses that send signals around our body. Put simply, we need nourish our body with potassium to support healthy nerve cells – and ultimately support a good mood.



Eat on the bright side to turn tiredness around.

What is an Energiser?

Energy isn’t just needed for moving your body, it’s also essential for the mind. An Energiser naturally supports the body’s energy production with a range of nutrients, helping you feel uplifted without the need for highly processed treats.

How is mood changed by food?

Australian fruit, vegetables, and nuts contain many nutrients that can help you keep energised through a number of ways. For example, carbohydrates and natural sugars from your food are broken down in the digestive system and make their way to all the body’s cells to be used as fuel. Many micronutrients play an important role, such as vitamins B6, B3 (niacin), and C, which are needed at a cellular level for the creation of energy.


Cell Protector

Combat cellular stress with the benefits of eating fresh.

What is a Cell Protector?

You may not know it, but at the cellular level, your body is constantly fighting hard to be healthy. A Cell Protector provides antioxidants to help your body fight off free radicals and keep your cells healthy.

How is mood changed by food?

Eating fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, and nuts is a fantastic way to increase your antioxidant intake. Antioxidants and antioxidant vitamins (like vitamin C and E) are important to neutralise the threat of free radicals; unstable molecules which can cause cell damage. Put simply, antioxidants are important as they defend your brain cells and keep them healthy.


Fatigue Fighter

Go from sleepy to supercharged with good mood food.

What is a Fatigue Fighter?

Fatigue and tiredness can leave you feeling down, turning to highly processed treats for a pick-me-up. Instead, turn to a Fatigue Fighter, a food which provides the body with vitamins and minerals known to reduce tiredness.

How is mood changed by food?

Fruit, vegetables, and nuts are packed full of nutritional goodness that reduce tiredness and fatigue by acting at a cellular level. For example, iron is required for the formation of haemoglobin, a protein in blood required for the transportation of oxygen around the body. When you’re low in iron, your ability to carry oxygen to all your cells is impacted, and you can feel tired as a result.