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The Scientific Link Between Foods and a Good Mood - Substantiation for Horticultural Commodities Nutrition Claims Report

This report is a comprehensive overview of nutritional facts, bitesize information and research studies supporting why fruit, vegetables and nuts are good mood foods.


Educational Resources for Children

Phenomenom is a free digital toolkit for teachers, jam-packed with springboard episodes and lesson plans, designed to tickle students’ tastebuds for learning. The Good Mood Food Special resources help teachers and parents teach kids about how their mood can be impacted by food, and what else they can do to boost their well-being including spending time in green spaces and gardening.



The VegKIT project provides free toolkit for educators, health professionals and research agencies with the aim of increasing children’s vegetable intake. It includes information on dietary guidelines, and evidence-based knowledge of flavour exposure and food preference.



Veggycation is an online educational tool designed for growers and educators showcasing the nutrition, origins, health benefits and cooking & storage tips for more than 80 vegetables.


Mental Health

Head to Health is Australia's digital mental health gateway providing trusted information and service providers.


Nuts for Life

Read about the vital role tree nuts play in good health and nutrition, and ways to enjoy a healthy handful of this nutrient-dense whole food every day.


Olive Wellness Institute

This website is the go-to source of credible information relating to the nutrition, health and wellness benefits of olives and olive products, such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil and other products derived from the olive tree.



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